How Can I Optimize the Power Consumption of a UHF RFID Platform?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Can I Optimize the Power Consumption of a UHF RFID Platform?
Ahmed Abdo asked 3 years ago

Can you please explain how this would be done?


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I am unsure what you mean by power consumption. If you are referring to the power that a tag harnesses from a reader and uses to reflect back a signal encoded with its ID number and other information, that is set by the chip manufacturer. If you are referring to setting the reader to emit the minimum amount of energy needed to energize the tags in a particular field, I would say that needs to be done by trial and error.

Typically, companies will use a reader at full power to ensure all tags in the field can be powered up and their serial numbers captured. There are cases when you would need to reduce the power output of the reader to avoid extraneous reads (an insulation curtain would be a better option, but this isn't always feasible). In such a scenario, you could use a tool such as an ePix Power Mapper to determine the size of the read field and adjust the power output to cover only the area in which you want to read tags.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
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