How Can I Enter the RFID Field in Canada?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Can I Enter the RFID Field in Canada?
Robert Zegnin asked 11 months ago

I'm from Canada and am interested in the RFID industry. I've been conducting research into access control and testing various fobs, but I want to do something more innovative and get more involved. Some interesting things I have seen have involved working with retail or rental stores to track products moving in and out, as well as RFID for construction and for tires. What is the best way to get started, get involved and meet people? Doing research on my own can get very boring, with no interaction. I also wonder if there are any Canadian RFID communities out there that don't just focus on access control.


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You didn't mention what part of Canada you live in, but there are some great technology companies north of the United States. These include RFID Canada in Toronto, as well as GuardRFID in Vancouver, which is now owned by HID Global. There is also a publication known as RFID World Canada, which could provide community connections.

Universities are great places to find out what innovations are underway, though I don't know of any particular RFID developments taking place at any specific schools in Canada. You should check with the engineering department of the nearest college. There are also organizations that are relatively affordable, such as the RFID Professional Institute, which is a good place to learn from others in the industry.

You might also reach out to RFID Strategies, a consultancy created by RFID Journal's founder and former editor, Mark Roberti, who might be able to suggest further companies for you to contact. Good luck!

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal


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