How Can I Add a Buffer to Stop a Solenoid from Overheating?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Can I Add a Buffer to Stop a Solenoid from Overheating?
Diego Rodriguez asked 2 years ago

I installed a basic 12-volt RFID brain with an antenna and a status LED (positive/negative in and +12-volt DC out when a fob is placed on the antenna) inside a car door with a shaved door handle solenoid to open it. The output goes to a simple relay, so it is not powering the solenoid, but the relay then powers the solenoid (8AWG for feeding the solenoid). The issue is that when I put the key close to the antenna, it works but the solenoid flutters, as if I had put the fob on and off the antenna rapidly, fast switching, instead of simply on or off. After a few seconds, it gets the solenoid stuck on, which then overheats and stops working (it almost burnt out once), and I need to disconnect the system for the solenoid to get unstuck. So my question is this: Can I add something of a buffer, like say a capacitor or something that would store power, which would then release it at once to get the solenoid to work properly? Like a half second, steady pulse, after the fob comes within proximity to the antenna, to eliminate the flutter?


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Since I am not an engineer, I unfortunately cannot answer your question. If any of our readers have suggestions, they are invited to post them below.

Mark Roberti
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