How Are Universities Using RFID?

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Ask The ExpertsHow Are Universities Using RFID?
RFID Journal Staff asked 7 years ago

I am the administrator of a university in Perú and would like to know more about RFID. How can I use the technology to control access to my campus? Is this possible?




Most universities in the United States employ radio frequency identification to control access to buildings. Access-control systems are very common. ID cards have an embedded RFID tag that has a serial number, which is linked to a particular student. Software looks up that student each time he or she swipes a card to enter a building. As long as that individual has permission to enter, the door opens; otherwise, the door remains locked. These systems are extremely common in office buildings as well. Some universities track assets, such as computers and desks, while others use RFID for attendance taking. Here are some stories that show how universities are utilizing the technology successfully:

Northern Arizona University to Use Existing RFID Student Cards for Attendance Tracking

Qatar University to Expand Its RFID System to Track Staff, Mail

Kingston University Gets Payback by Using RFID to Track Loaned Equipment

University of East Anglia’s Library Automates Circulation Tasks

Hebrew University’s Nanotech Lab Tracks Researcher Locations, Emergencies

Oregon University Uses RTLS to Ensure Disabled Students Get Accessible Classroom Furniture

Minho University’s Social Services Department Tags Its Assets

I hope this information is helpful.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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