How Can We Code Large Volumes of RFID and NFC Tags?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsHow Can We Code Large Volumes of RFID and NFC Tags?
Michael Bøs asked 2 years ago

We have created unique codes for 2,000 RFID and 2,000 NFC tags. Now the question is this: How can we make the process of physically coding 4,000 tags as easy as possible, since we hope to create very large quantities of tags in the future? There must be a type of device that could handle the coding process, like a label printer but for RFID and NFC tags.


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I reached out to  FEIG Electronic since they make both passive UHF and HF (NFC) RFID readers. FEIG recommends you contact their partner  GlueLogix, which offers an RFID solution for encoding both types of tags.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
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Jim replied 3 years ago

You should consider using tags having the em|echo-V dual frequency UHF and NFC chip. All the major inlay manufacturers sell them. The tag memory is shared by both the UHF and NFC air interfaces and it makes serialization and encoding much simpler and faster using only one type of printer/encoder, either UHF or NFC.

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