Have Any Evacuation-Monitoring and -Accountability Systems Using RFID Been Successfully Deployed?

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Ask The ExpertsHave Any Evacuation-Monitoring and -Accountability Systems Using RFID Been Successfully Deployed?
RFID Journal Staff asked 10 years ago

If so, can you please provide some examples?

—Name withheld


Yes, several have.

BP Cherry Point, BP's oil refinery in Cherry Point, Washington, is using an RFID-based personnel-tracking solution. The site's Location Aware Safety System ascertains the whereabouts of 2,000 staff members, contractors and visitors (see BP Refinery Uses RFID for Evacuation System).

We recently wrote about an unnamed oil and gas company that has installed a solution to locate personnel in the event of an emergency at its construction site in Newfoundland, Canada, using RFID technology provided by systems integrator Focus FS (see Canadian Oil and Gas Company to Monitor Evacuations via RFID).

The Texas Governor's Division of Emergency Management (GDEM) implemented its Texas Special Needs Evacuation Tracking System (SNETS), which uses RFID wristbands to identify evacuees. When the GDEM calls for an evacuation, it dispatches buses to pre-designated collection points. Evacuees make their own way to those collection points, where they receive wristbands that include a unique ID number pre-encoded into an RFID tag and bar code. State emergency workers scan the bar code on each wristband using a handheld computer, and enter the evacuee's personal information. The transaction associates the evacuee with the unique ID number, and the information is transferred over the AT&T/Cingular wireless network to a state database at a secure location. Evacuees then board the bus, which is tracked via GPS, and are driven to a secure reception center (see Texas Turns to RFID for Emergency Evacuation System).

Our readers might know of other RFID-enabled evacuation systems. If so, they are invited to post information below.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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