Has RFID Journal Published Articles About the Broad Changes Going On With Tags?

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Ask The ExpertsHas RFID Journal Published Articles About the Broad Changes Going On With Tags?
RFID Journal Staff asked 6 years ago

As transponders are evolving day by day, I have seen physical changes in their antenna coils and ICs. Where can I read more about this, and what is the difference in operation of 2D and 3D antenna coils?




We have not published any articles on the broad changes going on with tags because tags are always changing. In general, though, I would say there have been four major trends during the past five years:

1. Transponder chips have become more sensitive. This enables tags to be read with less energy than older chips, which means you can read tags from further away or through denser materials. Tag reads are now more consistent and more reliable.

2. Antenna designs have become smaller and more specific. Antennas can capture the same amount of or more energy at a smaller size, so shrinking the transponder size does not reduce read range or overall performance.

3. Many chips now have two pairs of attachments, allowing for different antennas to be attached and enabling the tags to be read in any orientation. This is ideal for applications for which you cannot control a tag's orientation to the reader antenna.

4. Tags have been designed for many specific applications. Years ago, you could buy a label or a generic hard tag and that was about it. Today, you can purchase tags designed to work on frozen items, microwavable items, oil drill pipes, chains and many other objects for which generic tags will not work.

You can type "new passive UHF transponder" into the search engine at our website, and you will find articles we have written about specific new tags that have been launched throughout the years.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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