Has RFID Been Used to Track Children in an Entertainment Park Environment?

By RFID Journal

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Ask The ExpertsHas RFID Been Used to Track Children in an Entertainment Park Environment?
RFID Journal Staff asked 7 years ago

Can you provide some great examples of the technology being utilized for this purpose?

—Name withheld


“Great” is a subjective word, so I will let you be the judge of whether or not they are great, but here are some examples of amusement parks employing radio frequency identification to allow parents to find their children:

• Lost and Found in Legoland
One of Europe’s largest amusement parks deploys a Wi-Fi-based RFID system that helps parents retrieve children who have wandered off.

• Harvard Museum, Remy Martin and Tulip Theme Park Adopt Lab
Werk’s Beacon SolutionThe Dutch company is also providing its mApp platform to Oregon’s SamplingLab store, Italy’s ZOOM Torino Biopark and the Panorama Berlin fashion exhibition.

• RFID Helps Texas Theme Park Cater to Special-Needs Guests
Morgan’s Wonderland says the technology helps its visitors feel safe and comfortable, ensuring that they receive any assistance they might require, and that they do not get lost or wander off.

• Illinois Water Resort Becomes RFID-Activated
Guests at the resort, which opens next year, will use RFID wristbands to do just about everything, including entering rooms, accessing lockers, buying food and arcade tokens, and taking pictures.

• RFID Makes a Splash at Water Park
An RFID locating system gives parents visiting Dolly’s Splash Country piece of mind, because kids are always tracked. It also gives the park the opportunity to increase revenues by adding services, like cashless payments.

And here are some other articles that might be of interest:

• Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights Becomes More Interactive Via RFID
This year, visitors to the Florida theme park’s annual haunted houses will have new RFID-based challenges to complete, and be able to earn special RFID tags to help them collect points.

• Hersheypark Uses RFID System to Let Visitors Pay Without Wallet
The park’s visitors can wear wristbands containing built-in RFID tags to make purchases via a prepaid account.

• Dorney Park Visitors Go Cashless, Thanks to Kiosks that Dispense RFID Wristbands
The Pennsylvania amusement and water park developed its FastPay system, with help from PDC, to make it easier for patrons to pay for goods and services.

• For Fleye, Capturing Action Videos Is No Obstacle
The company is using RFID to manage the recording process during the Spartan Races series of extreme foot races, and to allow participates to view and share their moves.

• Bluetooth Beacons Bring Services, Info to SeaWorld, LA Zoo Visitors
Both organizations are trialing a solution from The Experience Engine to deliver content to phone users as they walk through the parks, visit exhibits, or pass restaurants and gift shops.

• Great Wolf Lodge Combines Storytelling With RFID
The waterpark resort has deployed a game that employs tagged stuffed toy animals to provide an interactive storytelling experience for children.

I hope these help your RFID efforts.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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