Could NFC Send Temperature Excursion Alerts?


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Cynthia Redwine asked 2 years ago

My daughter seeks to test high-temperature passive RFID tags for her science fair project, to set up alerts when stovetops and ovens reach and/or stay at designated temperatures. I understand we could use an NFC tag info app, but don't know whether it would read temperature data from a 13.56 MHz RFID tag, nor what the maximum temperature possibilities are. Any help and guidance would be appreciated.


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This is an interesting challenge your daughter has taken on! There are a few NFC tags that have sensors embedded in their chips, but there are limitations. They could send temperature excursion alerts, but only if they were receiving energy from a smartphone interrogation, which wouldn't be realistic in the case of your daughter's project.

There are other technologies on the way. Wiliot makes a passive Bluetooth tag that can accomplish temperature tracking and transmit data via Bluetooth Low Energy. However, that may not be available in time for your daughter's project. Going directly to one of the technology providers (tag makers) sometimes yields results, as they are very supportive of student innovators, so they might be able to provide something that would approximate what your daughter is doing.

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal

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