Could My Company Use RFID to Track Finished Lumber During Shipping?

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Ask The ExpertsCould My Company Use RFID to Track Finished Lumber During Shipping?
RFID Journal Staff asked 8 years ago

Are there any case studies related to timber packs (such as pallets) being tagged?

—Name withheld


Most of the articles we have covered have been about employing RFID to track trees or raw timber. I have not seen any examples of companies using the technology on finished lumber during shipping, but there is no reason RFID cannot be used to track and manage inventory and shipments, the way it is being utilized in other sectors, including the steel industry.

Here are some articles for your reference:

Loggers Use Tags to Track Trucks, Timber
Papermakers and sawmills deploy RFID systems in forests to facilitate the loading, weighing and unloading of logging trucks.

RFID Chops Timber Costs
Using tags embedded in plastic nails, German forestry company Cambium tracks logs as they move from the forest to the factory.

Malaysian Forestry Department Studies RFID Industry
Seeking a system to help it satisfy EU regulations, the government agency recently completed a project using EPC Gen 2 tags to track the movement of logs through the supply chain.

RFID in the Forest
Tagging trees could help preserve the world's forests while increasing timber yields and profits.

University in Munich Develops RFID-Enabled Log Harvesting
An RFID-enabled harvester staples tags into logs automatically to help track timber moving through the processing line.

Wooden-Flooring Companies Embed RFID Tags Beneath Parquet
The semi-passive UHF tags contain temperature and humidity sensors that can verify the flooring was properly installed and maintained.

RFID Carves Out a Place in Woodworking Industry
Woodworking factory equipment companies are highlighting how RFID technology can be used for tracking inventory and work-in-progress, as well for other purposes, to improve efficiency and enable the quick production of made-to-order furniture.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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