Can RFID Track Jewelry and Textiles?


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Kamal asked 10 months ago

We are currently working on two different projects for a jewelry and textiles company. What UHF RFID tags, if any, would you recommend we use for tracking jewelry wax molds and carton rolls of textiles?


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Avery Dennison Smartrac offers its AD Dot tag, which measures 3 millimeters by 3 millimeters and is designed for purposes such as jewelry management. The company also offers an interesting product known as AD TexTrace, which can be woven into fabrics. TracTech Systems sells a retail jewelry tag, while EM Microelectronic offers chips that can be used in very small UHF tags, including dual-frequency UHF and NFC chips, so that you can see who is using them. In addition, Vizinex RFID, now part of HID Global, makes a textile tag that could suit your purposes.

Claire Swedberg
Senior Editor
RFID Journal


Kamal replied 10 months ago

Thank you Claire for taking the time to provide me with the answers,
have a lovely day 😀

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