Can RFID Identify Fiber-Optic Cables?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsCan RFID Identify Fiber-Optic Cables?
carlos asked 4 years ago

We are searching for a total solution to identify cables that come out of a distribution box to a client's home. We need to identify which cable goes to which client. The boxes are outside, and each box has eight outputs that go to different clients. The actual ID method is not long-lasting, and record-keeping is done by hand. Who has experience in this area?


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I am having trouble visualizing exactly what you are trying to achieve, though it would certainly be possible to identify cables using RFID and record which client they went to. The right solution for you would depend on the business processes involved and what specific data you need to capture. It may be possible to tag each cable end going to a residence and use GPS to link the coordinates of each home to the specific cable, or a technician might be able to read the RFID tag and link its ID number to the address in a database.

I think your first steps would be to find a systems integrator that can help you determine the right tag for the cable, and to then create a solution that could automate the task as much as possible. I'd suggest you sign up for  RFID Journal Virtually LIVE!, coming up at the end of this month (an Exhibit Hall Pass is free). There will be a number of integrators in attendance with whom you can interact online. Show them pictures of your cables and the distribution box; I'm sure they can assist you. I hope that helps.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


James E. replied 4 years ago

We can offer a number of RFID cable Tags, however the first questions I would have, (1) Will the Tag be used after delivery, (2) What read range is necessary, (3) Assuming a handheld Reader?

James E. Heurich, RFID Inc.

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