Can Printable RFID Tags Withstand Gamma Sterilization?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsCan Printable RFID Tags Withstand Gamma Sterilization?
James DeSear asked 2 years ago

I am curious about what vendors or solution teams have provided RFID printed labels, ranging in size, with embedded tags that are able to survive gamma and e-beam sterilization processes. What information can you provide?


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To my knowledge, there are no printable tags on the market that can withstand gamma sterilization. Those that do exist are encoded in hardened material to protect chips from the effects of radiation.

If any of our readers know of such printable tag, they are invited to post information below for James.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal



Chris Brown replied 2 years ago

I would contact I believe the question is more about the chip than the tag. I.e., the chip has to survive the gamma radiation and e-beam sterilization. Tego has at least one RAIN (UHF) chip designed to withstand these processes.

LaVerne Cerfolio replied 2 years ago

Thank you Chris Brown! Hi James. Tego Inc located in Waltham, MA has a gamma and e-beam PROOF chip, inlay, for use in labels, tags, etc. Our TegoChip is a rugged chip with memory that survives both of these harsh industrial processes (and others too btw – just ask). If you want more information please reach me at or come to our homepage and fill out a contact us form We are looking for partners and end customers interested in helping to grow UHF RFID use in the sterilization market. Look forward to discussing this further with you!

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