Can NFC, RFID and Blockchain Technologies Thwart Counterfeiting?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsCan NFC, RFID and Blockchain Technologies Thwart Counterfeiting?
Clinton asked 3 years ago

STMicroelectronics recently released its ST25 NFC tag that it is marketing to thwart counterfeiting, but do you know if any companies are already using NFC tags to specialize in eliminating counterfeit products? Specifically, have any been used with blockchain?


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Yes, several companies are using RFID and blockchain technologies to thwart counterfeiters. Sonra and other brands have launched an encrypted, tamper-evident solution with app and blockchain functionality, provided by collectID, to help collectors ensure authenticity, gain brand content and manage collections digitally (see  NFC, Blockchain Help Authenticate and Manage Collectibles).

In addition, a blockchain-based solution is being used to ensure the authenticity of Sicilian oranges as part of a campaign against counterfeit citrus fruits. The Red Orange Upgrading Green Economy project was initiated by the Sicilian Red Oranges Protection Consortium and technology company Almaviva. A Near Field Communication sticker is attached to a blockchain device that is then attached to boxes of Sicilian oranges. Users can access product information, including source, harvest date and storage methods, via an app (see  Blockchain Protects Sicilian Oranges).

I suspect a growing number of companies will go this route as RFID solution providers incorporate blockchain into their solutions.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


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