Can I Use Barcodes to Print RFID Product Labels?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsCan I Use Barcodes to Print RFID Product Labels?
Nicolas asked 3 years ago

I'm a small online retailer and would simply like to be able to print out small RFID labels that match the UPC barcodes on products, in order to accelerate the process of taking inventory. What would you suggest?


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To answer your question, I reached out to Chris Brown, an RFID subject-matter expert at  Printronix Auto ID. Chris says you will likely require some customer integration to enable an application that would allow you to read a barcode, look up the item associated with it, print an RFID label with a unique serial number and then associate that with the item in inventory. "This would be a fairly standard, routine application for one of our value-added resellers, such as  SimplyRFID," he says. If you need a contact at SimplyRFID, you can email me at

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
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