Can I Tether Multiple RFID Tags to Boost Readability?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsCan I Tether Multiple RFID Tags to Boost Readability?
KIRK GOSCH asked 4 years ago

If not, how can I increase a tag's read distance?


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Some active RFID systems (which have a power source) have repeaters that will pick up a signal broadcast by tags and send it on to the reader antenna, thereby increasing the distance at which tags can be read. Mesh networks, meanwhile, are made up of devices that are essentially readers and tags. They can receive a signal and pass it on to another node and then another until it reaches a node connected to a base station, which passes the data on to the backend software.

If you are talking about passive tags, then no, this would not be possible. Passive tags have no ability to capture data from other passive tags, any more than bar codes do. To increase the read range, you could use either battery-assisted tags or readers with phased-array antennas, which point a narrow beam toward a tag in order to read it from as much as 90 feet away.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal


Mike replied 4 years ago

Kirk, It is possible to extend the range of tags with tuned coils. The answer above it not incorrect but it is possible that your system is not tuned well for the usecase at hand. I have run across systems that have needed a redesign but for commercial reasons it was not practical. There are approaches that can resolve issues, depending on the specifics of your challenge. Mike

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