Are There Any RFID Tags Able to Sense Human Body Temperatures?


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Ask The ExpertsCategory: QuestionsAre There Any RFID Tags Able to Sense Human Body Temperatures?
Michael Durham asked 4 years ago

Are they available in wristband form? And if so, who makes them?

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I am unaware of any wristbands or other RFID tags that could take a person's temperature and transmit that data to an RFID reader. If anyone has information about such a tag, please email and let me know.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
RFID Journal

As I follow up to this post, I received an email from Stéphane Callo, director of RFID sensors for ASYGN. Stéphane writes:

"Following the question from Michael Durham earlier today, I’m happy to tell you that human body temperature sensors tags / wristbands could be available within a few weeks only: one of the key challenge is to be able to combine both:

  • A reliable, human body temperature sensor
  • A UHF RFID chip fully compatible with RAIN RFID for an easy integration

ASYGN’s new AS321X battery-free, passive UHF RFID chip embeds a temperature sensor and the analog input for an additional biometric sensor ! Making  “RFID Tags Able to Sense Human Body Temperatures” is now possible."

They can't come too soon.



Another followup. David Steidinger of Tamarack Products sent me a link to a video about a patch that takes your temperature on an ongoing basis and sends the information to a smartphone app. There isn't a lot of detail about the technology used (probably Bluetooth), but it's interesting. Here's the link:


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