Are There Any RFID Systems Designed for Artists?


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Paul Vermeulen asked 2 years ago

I have seen you cover RFID solutions for art management. I am looking for a track-and-trace system related to a database that could be used by an artist for managing their own artwork, including logistics, sales, storage, documentation and so on. The solution needs to be affordable and ideally connectable with software for a catalog. The artist is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. I would appreciate any solution, information or advice you might be able to offer.


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We have run a few articles on museums and businesses using RFID technology to track their artwork inventory. For example:

We've also published articles about museums deploying RFID for a variety of other uses:

However, I am unaware of any system designed specifically for use by artists. You could employ something like RFID4U's Tagmatiks Lite application, which is inexpensive and would allow you to associate items with specific tags' serial numbers. A handheld RFID reader would enable an artist to take inventory counts or find specific pieces of artwork quickly.

Mark Roberti
Founder and Editor
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