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Privacy Editor's Note

  • The Internet of Hacked Things

    A New York Times story says security is going to be a major problem for the Internet of Things.

  • IOT Hype Begins to Fade

    Consumer interest in smart home devices declined during the past year, indicating that Internet of Things technologies might be losing some of their luster.

  • Consumers Want RFID

    As privacy concerns are addressed, consumers are beginning to seek radio frequency identification solutions to track their belongings, connect with friends and improve city services.

  • Still Crazy After All These Years

    Why I believe more passionately in radio frequency identification now than I did when I first launched RFID Journal, 10 years ago this week.

  • The Year That Was

    2011 saw some economic ups and downs, but many companies turned to RFID to track the locations of their products and assets—and to monitor their conditions.

  • Learning From the RFID Learned

    At RFID Journal LIVE! 2011, an unprecedented wealth of knowledge will be shared by end users with hands-on experience deploying real-world RFID systems.

  • Latin America Gets Serious About RFID

    End users at RFID Journal LIVE! LatAm were highly engaged and eager to explore how radio frequency identification can improve the way they do business.

  • Where the RFID Industry Has Failed

    There is still a great deal of misunderstanding regarding what the technology is and does—and how it might be abused—that the industry needs to address.

  • Irresponsible Reporting on RFID

    Facts are important, because people can't make good decisions without them—but many journalists don't seem to care.

  • RFID's Impact on Employment

    Some jobs may be eliminated as adoption grows, but far more will be created than lost.

  • Ubiquitous RFID and Privacy

    As radio frequency identification proliferates, the potential for abusing the technology will rise—but democratic capitalist societies have mechanisms to respond to and limit abuses.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! Delivers Value, Guaranteed

    I am so sure end users will benefit from attending LIVE! 2010, our eighth annual conference and exhibition, that I'm willing to guarantee it.

  • An RFID Policy for the New Administration

    In preparation for the presidency, Barack Obama gets a little advice on what the United States needs to do about radio frequency identification.

  • Give Your Views to the EU—Now!

    The European Commission is proposing requirements that could dramatically curtail the benefits of RFID technology, so end users and vendors need to submit comments before April 25.

  • Banning Skimming

    Washington State is close to passing a law that would prohibit people from reading RFID tags in items you own without your knowledge.

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