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Operations Editor's Note

  • The Recession Is Over—Now What?

    The global economy appears to have turned the corner, but no one expects sales to pick up quickly, so companies need to focus on cutting costs and enhancing efficiencies.

  • Are RFID's Benefits to Apparel Retailers Real or Hype?

    Many CEOs are skeptical, but here's why retailers have used the technology to achieve an increase in profit of 5 percent or more.

  • Putting Some Science Behind RFID

    Rather than asking end users to believe the technology will deliver value, the RFID industry needs to provide data enabling them to quantify the benefits.

  • A New ROI Tool for Apparel and Footwear Retailers

    Our calculator will help companies determine which benefits RFID can deliver, and enable them to run pilots resulting in information that will determine whether it makes sense to deploy the technology.

  • RFID Read Reliability Is Not an Issue

    RFID is far more accurate than existing systems, yet some people continue to insist they can't adopt the technology until it is 100 percent reliable.

  • Bar-Code Technology Is Not Cheaper Than RFID

    Many companies miss the opportunity to lower costs and boost sales because they confuse the expense of the data carrier with that of data acquisition.

  • RFID in the Middle East

    The region is beginning to embrace RFID as a means of improving efficiencies in many industries—but more education is needed.

  • The Myth of Perfect Read Accuracy

    Retailers don't need to read every tag, every time, in order to gain business benefits from RFID. Those who think they do are missing the point—and perhaps a big opportunity.

  • Wireless Sensors Monitor Mobile Machines

    Wireless sensors can help companies monitor mobile equipment and environments too large to be outfitted with wired sensors.

  • Best Practices in RFID

    The three end-user companies that won our 2009 RFID Journal Awards are quite different, yet all had similar strategies leading to their success.

  • RFID Crosses the Chasm

    News from RFID Journal LIVE! 2009 will include a plethora of practical solutions to solve business problems—and you'll be able to receive live updates on Twitter.

  • Learn Firsthand from Those Already Achieving an ROI

    Many companies have deployed RFID technologies. More than 50 of these businesses will share their experiences at one event—RFID Journal LIVE! 2009.

  • RFID Adoption by Apparel Retailers Gains Momentum

    American Apparel, in the United States, as well as Kaufauf, NP Collection and other European companies, are proving that the technology's benefits are just too big to be ignored.

  • Business Goes On

    Despite the media's relentless coverage of the economic downturn, a lot of business is still being conducted, and companies are evolving to survive.

  • The Year Ahead: Reasons for Optimism

    Out of crisis will come renewal, as companies transform themselves with the help of RFID and other technologies.

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