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Manufacturing White Papers

  • Smart Shop Floor—A Case Study of an RFID-Enabled Metal Tube Manufacturing Process
    Published April 2009
    B. Venkatalakshmi, P. Vijayalakshmi and S. Manjula of the RFID & Sensors Lab at Velammal Engineering College in Chennai, India, demonstrate a case study involving the monitoring of work-in-progress regarding materials in a metal tube manufacturing unit.
  • An RFID Forklift System Purpose-built for Warehouses
    Published February 2009
    M/A-Com Technology Solutions describes a basic RFID forklift system incorporating industrial-grade antennas and a mobile interrogator. The system enables a forklift operator to automatically collect information from RFID tags affixed to shelves, pallets, floors and products as the vehicle moves goods to various locations.
  • Enhancing RFID Label Production With Atmospheric Plasma Treatment
    Published February 2009
    RFID research and development requires technical expertise of ink and adhesive manufacturers, surface treatment and printing equipment manufacturers, package printers and electronics firms. In this framework, a strong enhancement in production and quality can be obtained with surface substrate treatments. This white paper discusses the state of the art in RFID production, as well as the advantages a plasma treatment of the substrate can offer to RFID label printing.
  • Systematic Production Control
    Published February 2009
    Production control is a key topic in manufacturing operations; businesses that manage to automate their processes can harness enormous value-added potential. Schreiner LogiData explains how automatic identification systems can enable this outcome for the automotive sector, providing transparency in vehicle engineering.
  • RFID for Manufacturing: 7 Critical Success Factors
    Published January 2009
    This document from OATSystems outlines seven critical success factors to determining where RFID delivers the most value to a business, to help companies evaluate and select solutions, as well as implement and scale projects across multiple facilities and trading partners.
  • Deploying an RFID Tracking Solution for Manufacturing Operations
    Published January 2009
    ITEC Corp., a Japanese company specializing in RFID systems for manufacturing, provides an overview of its I'm Here active RFID real-time location system (RTLS), which the firm has deployed within its own manufacturing facility in Nagano, Japan.
  • Using RFID In Manufacturing – A Pilot Case Study
    Published May 2006
    Written by Genpact's Kirit Goyal, this white paper discusses in detail the design and deployment of a closed-loop automatic identification and data-collection system. Utilizing Oracle’s Sensor Edge Server, this system is designed to improve material visibility and labor efficiency in a manufacturing assembly line.
  • Real-World RFID
    Published December 2005
    This white paper by John Burnell explains how the METRO Group has used RFID to reduce labor costs and increase stock availability.
  • Mastering RFID Label Converting
    Published September 2005
    This white paper, written by Mark Blitshteyn of Ion Industrial, analyzes existing ESD control standards and interprets them for RFID label converting; examines available static control methods in RFID converting; and discusses a case study for static control on an RFID tag insertion module for a narrow-web press.
  • Beyond the Tag: Finding RFID Value in Manufacturing & Distribution Applications
    Published June 2005
    Companies need to look beyond the tag to see the true value of RFID. This white paper from Intermec describes how businesses have used internal RFID systems to reduce costs, improve efficiency and explain how lessons learned can be applied to a variety of industrial ooperations.
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