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  • RFID Journal LIVE! 2010 Report, Part 1

    Approximately 2,500 industry professionals gathered last month at RFID Journal's eighth annual conference and exhibition, to learn from organizations using RFID to improve their operations. View the presentations from the event's keynotes, general sessions and preconference seminars, as well as the RFID Journal Awards.

  • RFID Finally Cleared for Takeoff

    Adoption of industry standards and development of high-memory RFID tags mean airplane-parts tracking—among suppliers, manufacturers, airlines and maintenance companies—is poised for flight. Next on the tarmac: benefits for all stakeholders.

  • Automakers Seek Fast ROI From RFID

    The global economic crisis is driving the automotive industry to adopt RFID to cut costs and improve efficiencies in the manufacture and distribution of cars—and to embrace standards to provide visibility in the global supply chain.

  • The Age of Visibility

    RFID adopters are discovering that the technology is opening the door to an entire new world of business intelligence.

  • RFID 2030: Retail and Manufacturing

    RFID Journal's writers imagine how radio frequency identification will shape these industries two decades in the future.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2009 Report

    At RFID Journal's fifth annual European conference and exhibition, held near Frankfurt, Germany, 250 attendees learned from innovative companies using radio frequency identification to improve their manufacturing, supply chain and retail operations. View the presentations from the event.

  • Europe Gets Down to Business

    After years of studies, trials and pilots, many European companies and organizations have determined how and where to best deploy RFID. Now, from Belgium to Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and the United Kingdom, they're putting the technology to work in a myriad of industries to solve real-world problems.

  • RFID-Enabled Electronic Seals

    Companies can employ these devices not only to secure their shipping containers but also to speed shipments through ports and gain business intelligence. Here's what you need to know to decide whether an RFID e-seal solution fits your enterprise's needs.

  • RFID in Fashion 2009 Report

    At RFID Journal's fourth annual conference and exhibition for the fashion and apparel industry, 150 industry professionals learned how to leverage the benefits of RFID technology. View the presentations from the event.

  • RFID Smart Shelves and Cabinets

    Smart fixtures help businesses store, organize and inventory an array of high-value items accurately and with only minimal human intervention. Here's what you need to know to choose the system that best fits your company's needs.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! Middle East 2009 Report

    At RFID Journal's first annual conference and exhibition in the Middle East, 150 industry professionals registered to learn how to leverage the benefits of RFID technology. View the presentations from the event.

  • Zipping Up Benefits

    In the new economic reality, where the apparel and footwear industry can't count on consumers' boom-time shopping sprees, retailers are turning to RFID to increase sales, reduce losses and gain efficiencies.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! 2009 Report

    At RFID Journal's seventh annual conference and exhibition, held in Orlando, Fla., 2,400 industry professionals learned from organizations using RFID to improve their operations. View the presentations from the event.

  • A Guide to RFID WIP Solutions for Discrete Manufacturers

    Tracking work in process with radio frequency identification gives you real-time visibility into your processes and operations, which, in turn, saves time, improves quality and reduces costs. Here's what you need to know to choose a system that's right for your company.

  • Timeline for Tagging Sellable Units

    Sam's Club suppliers that want to save money need to start planning now to meet the tagging mandate. The first steps are virtually cost-free—and could make the difference between achieving benefits and drowning in operation disruptions. RFID Journal has developed a timeline that details what you need to do—and why—and how long it will take.

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