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Manufacturing Editor's Note

  • Living in Interesting Times

    In a world of uncertainty, addressing supply chain problems becomes vital for everyone.

  • The Benefits of RFID in Apparel

    There are many advantages for third-party manufacturers, brand owners and retailers. Here are the big ones.

  • Fix Your Supply Chain Now

    Retailers and manufacturers complain about a lack of visibility and an inability to forecast effectively, but few seem to understand that RFID technology can dramatically improve supply chain execution.

  • Where Manufacturers, Sellers and Consumers Meet

    With or without RFID, smart packaging in the so-called Internet of Packaging era is bringing industries closer to their end buyers.

  • Smart Packaging: A New Link Between Manufacturers and Consumers

    Inventory control, authenticity, security and the customer experience, with or without RFID, are just part of what the Internet of Packaging has already begun to provide.

  • What You Don't Know About Your Physical Assets

    Baseball teams know pretty much everything about every player and what happens on the field of play, but companies know next to nothing about what happens in their facilities.

  • Europe Leads the Way for RFID

    European retailers, manufacturers and other companies have embraced radio frequency identification, and the vast productivity improvements that the technology brings, at a faster pace than businesses in any other region.

  • Digital Transformation Must Be Wholistic

    Companies that apply digital technologies to parts of their business are creating new silos that will limit their competitiveness.

  • What Does "Digital Transformation" Really Mean?

    Like "Internet of Things," the term is often undefined, or is defined very differently by various so-called experts. Here's what digital transformation is all about.

  • RFID as a Strategic Tool

    The technology can do a lot more than tell you where your parts containers are located, yet most companies are not taking full advantage of it.

  • How Will U.S. Companies Spend Their Tax Cut?

    The tax rate for businesses has been cut to 21 percent, from 39.1 percent, giving profitable firms a nice windfall; smart companies will invest in technologies such as RFID.

  • Industrywide Approaches to RFID

    The aerospace and defense sectors are being propelled by large players to adopt radio frequency identification.

  • Delta's $2 Million Gift to the Auburn RFID Lab

    Some companies want to implement RFID on the cheap, while others, such as Delta Air Lines, realize how powerful the technology is and want to get it right.

  • Leading Indicators of RFID Trends

    More apparel manufacturers, bar-code resellers and investors are signing up for RFID Journal's electronic newsletters. Here's what that means for the industry.

  • Where the Money Is in RFID

    Investing in radio frequency identification is not just about cutting costs and improving efficiencies. It's also about boosting topline revenue.

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