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  • RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2006 Report

    Almost 250 people gathered in Amsterdam from Oct. 25-27 to attend RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2006, the second annual RFID event designed for end users and potential end users of radio frequency identification technology in Europe. View the presentations from the event.

  • RFID Journal Industry Summits 2006 Report

    Almost 300 people gathered at RFID Journal Industry Summits 2006 in Chicago to listen to early adopters explain how they have successfully put RFID to work in their own businesses, and to hear leading experts discuss the issues facing companies adopting such technologies today. View the presentations from the event.

  • APL Reaps Double Benefits From Real-Time Visibility

    After the shipping company deployed an RFID real-time locating system in its Los Angeles facility, it was voted the "fastest and best overall marine terminal" in the area.

  • Securing Your Cargo With Seals

    RFID and other high-tech seals have the potential to secure supply chain assets. But a Los Alamos National Laboratory study found that it’s important not to mix up inventory and security functions.

  • Code Warriors: Driving EPC Forward

    The Uniform Code Council and EAN International have formed a joint venture, EPCglobal, to foster global adoption of EPC technology. The UCC's Mike Di Yeso and Dicki Lulay of EPCglobal U.S. discuss that crucial goal.

  • The Coming RFID Skills Crunch

    Suppliers are scrambling to figure out how to tag pallets and cases for retailers. But where will companies find qualified experts to install RFID systems? Some experts are predicting an expensive war for talent.

  • RFID Journal Live! Event Report

    Speakers at our conference in Chicago provided a wealth of information on how they are using RFID to transform many aspects of their businesses. Read the complete report and download the presentations.

  • Wal-Mart Spells Out RFID Vision

    At the Retail Systems 2003/VICS Collaborative Commerce event in Chicago last week, Wal-Mart CIO Linda Dillman spoke extensively about the retailer's plans for using RFID.

  • An Interview with Dick Cantwell

    Dick Cantwell is the man behind Gillette's RFID efforts. He recently spoke to RFID Journal Editor Mark Roberti about the company's RFID projects and how he is driving adoption of the technology within Gillette.

  • RFID Myths and Realities

    There's a lot of confusion and misinformation about the cost of tags, the ability to take inventory at the push of a button and many other aspects of RFID. This article explodes ten of the most pervasive RFID myths.

  • RFID and the Evolution of IT

    Radio frequency identification is just the latest stage in the ongoing evolution of systems that enable companies to gather, analyze and act upon information.

  • Will Europe Embrace the EPC?

    The Auto-ID Center's goal of creating a global network for tracking goods with RFID tags may hinge on Europe. EPC faces some special challenges in the region, but the technology appears to be gaining ground.

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