Junmp announces switch-augmented RFID tag

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Junmp has developed the new type of switch-augmented RFID tag.

Junmp has developed the new type of switch-augmented RFID tag, whose characteristics are the exploitation of a novel Impinj Monza X RFID chip with dual interfaces: a wireless UHF interface for communication with standard Gen2 readers and a wired I2C interface managed by a microcontroller, receiving instructions from RFID to control the tag’s switch on-off operations, finally realizing the function of tracking and checking bags of valued items.

Physical specifications

Size(mm) 86x105x23
Size(in) 3.39x4.13x0.91
Mounting method Screws
Housing material ABS

Electronic specifications

Operation frequency 902~928 (MHz)
EPC 128 bits
User memory 2176 bits
TID 96 bits
Key 64 bits
Permanent failure key 64 bits
Reading distance 1 to 12m depending on reader type and environment

Environmental specifications

Temperature Working -20 to 85℃, 85%RH
Humidity Storage -20 to 85℃, 85%RH

To learn more about Junmp switch-augmented RFID tag and other RFID products, please visit us at www.junmp.com.cn or contact via email: pengjj@junmp.com.cn/yuanff@junmp.com.cn