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IT/Infrastructure Editor's Note

  • RFID and the Big Picture

    A growing number of companies are considering radio frequency identification as a tool to enable fundamental changes to their organization.

  • Getting Past Dr. No

    There is always someone within an organization who tries to kill an RFID project before it starts. Here's how to deal with that person.

  • Advice for CEOs

    The decision to deploy an RFID system should be based on the value the technology can deliver to your company, not on what others are—or are not—doing.

  • Linking RFID Product Buyers With Sellers

    Our new pay-per-click advertising program will enable RFID solutions providers of any size to let end users know about the products they offer.

  • RFID's Next Generation of End Users

    Students around the world are learning about radio frequency identification, and will likely embrace the technology for solving many business problems.

  • New Pricing Models for RFID

    Solutions providers could shrink the chasm between early adopters and the early majority, by reducing the risk involved in deploying RFID systems.

  • Why the RFID Industry Needs a Certification Program

    A robust program that could replace CompTIA's RFID+ courses is important, because it would help the industry to develop the human resources necessary to deploy RFID systems on a grand scale.

  • Enjoying the RFID Journey

    I was recently honored by the RFID community—but the truth is, I felt honored before receiving this much-appreciated tribute.

  • More Industries Approach the RFID Inflection Point

    At this year's RFID Journal LIVE! conference and exhibition, it was clear that a lot is happening—not only in apparel retail, but also in aerospace and electronics.

  • Finding RFID Software Solutions

    I will be taking a particular interest in software solutions at LIVE! 2012, being held this week in Orlando, Fla. Here's why.

  • New RFID Solutions for Specific Business Needs

    Got a problem? Judging by what will be on display at LIVE! 2012, RFID solutions providers have been hard at work developing new products to address real business concerns.

  • Timing Is Everything

    Whether you are a solutions provider or a venture capitalist, knowing when to invest in a new technology is critical—and many are getting it wrong.

  • What Have We Learned About RFID?

    While the past 10 years have seen ups and downs when it comes to the use of radio frequency identification, we now know a great deal about how and where the technology delivers value.

  • Still Crazy After All These Years

    Why I believe more passionately in radio frequency identification now than I did when I first launched RFID Journal, 10 years ago this week.

  • Making RFID Easier

    Simple solutions that can be deployed without any expertise would allow companies to track many items not currently being closely tracked—and this could lead to bigger deployments down the road.

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