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IT/Infrastructure Editor's Note

  • Understanding the Suite of RFID Technologies

    There are many versions of radio frequency identification. Here's how to figure out which solution is right for your company's needs.

  • Government Does Have a Role in RFID

    To help small and midsize companies stay competitive, the Ontario Provincial Government is taking the initiative to support RFID education.

  • The Pulse of RFID in Health Care

    There is a great deal of interest in how RFID can help hospitals become more efficient, but there is a lot of confusion about what type of RFID to use.

  • Demonstrating the Value of EPCIS

    Confused about this new standard? See a live demonstration at EPC Connection 2007 that will clearly show how the EPC Information Service can improve the way companies do business.

  • The Obstacles to RFID Adoption

    Time and secrecy about success stories are among the greatest hurdles that must be overcome in the adoption of radio frequency identification.

  • Simplifying RFID Implementations

    A managed-services approach to RFID networks is another example of vendors making it easier for companies to deploy and leverage RFID technologies.

  • Everything You Need to Put RFID to Work

    RFID Journal's fifth annual RFID Journal LIVE! will provide new insights into how companies can leverage RFID today.

  • RFID Adoption Is Spreading

    Companies from a wide variety of industries, including health care, apparel, children’s products and airlines, are embracing RFID technologies.

  • The Start of Something Big

    The finalization of EPCglobal Network standards this year will allow companies to begin taking advantage of RFID data—which is what it’s all about.

  • Forecasts for RFID in 2006

    Will RFID reach the tipping point this year? It might, but one thing is for sure—this will be the year when people realize RFID can do more than track boxes in the supply chain.

  • Readers' Views on Tag Costs and Performance

    Our recent online polls show you want RFID tags that perform consistently, but you're divided over whether cost or performance is most important.

  • Not All EPC Tags Are Alike

    The huge variance in tag performance—even among tags of the same make and model—makes designing an effective UHF RFID system a real challenge.

  • No Next Big Thing?

    We're moving to real-time business, and that's a very big thing.

  • Tag Cost and ROI

    RFID Journal's analysis indicates that the price of simple license-plate tags will fall to 5 cents in 2007. But companies that wait until then to deploy RFID technology are making a mistake.

  • Roll Up Your Sleeves

    Before you deploy a state-of-the-art RFID system, you have to prepare your master file to make sure you have accurate information to associate with a tag's serial number.

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