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Inventory / Warehouse Management News

  • Hyundai RFID-enabling Its Supply Chain

    The automaker's logistics affiliate will use EPC Gen 2 tags to track parts shipped to a factory in Montgomery, Ala.

  • The Role of RFID in the Search for Perfect Logistics

    AMR Research analyst John Fontanella notes how many manufacturing processes can already achieve near perfection through Six Sigma principles, while logistics processes have much greater room for improvement. RFID, asserts Fontanella, will help change that, improving logistics by offering much higher levels of accuracy.

  • Anticipating ROI, Rewe Expands Its RFID Deployment

    One of Europe's largest food retailers, the company is moving beyond the pilot phase so it can receive 3,000 tagged pallets per day.

  • RFID Tracks Safety Equipment

    FrenchCreek Production now offers a mobile RFID reader that connects to a PDA for on-site inventorying and inspections of tagged fall-protection devices.

  • Manufacturers Worldwide See Growing Value in RFID

    Whether driven by mandates or plans to improve supply chain visibility, manufacturers are slowly picking up the pace of RFID deployments, according to a worldwide survey.

  • ADT Europe Debuts Dense-Reader Testing Facility

    The company's new facility lets customers test readability for a variety of implementation scenarios in which multiple interrogators are deployed close together.

  • Schiff Gives RFID a Whirl

    The vitamin maker has integrated RFID into its pack-and-ship processes, enabling the company to read EPC tags as pallets revolve while being stretch-wrapped.

  • Unirope RFID-Enables Inspections for Industrial Slings

    The Canadian provider of slings used by cargo-lifting cranes has deployed a passive-tag system to track the maintenance and safety inspection process.

  • RFID to Track High-Cost Items at Columbus Children's Heart Center

    The facility plans to use 13.56 MHz passive tags to track inventory, reduce overstocks and waste, and make sure patients are properly billed.

  • Trailer Maker Uses RFID to Stay Lean

    At its plant in Penticton, British Columbia, a real-time location system is helping Peerless determine the pace of production needed to meet customer demand and identify delays.

  • Caterpillar Looks to RFID to Improve Work-in-Progress Visibility

    The first project within this initiative will use 433 MHz active RFID tags to track flatbed trailers transporting parts and subassemblies at the company's manufacturing plant in Decatur.

  • RFID E-Pedigree's Potential to Improve Pharma

    This article recaps a recent webinar on how the electronic pedigree solutions based on EPCglobal's new Drug Pedigree Standard could help pharmaceutical companies improve patient safety, speed recalls, and improve inventory management.

  • Xterprise Makes Multimillion RFID Tag Purchase

    RFID solutions provider Xterprise today released the latest update on the RFID deployment it is managing for pallet pool iGPS, the all-plastic pallet pool startup. Xterprise has placed an order for 4.5 million RFID tags, which the company says represents one of the industry's single largest tag orders in recent history.

  • Safeway Tracks Shipments to Alaska Stores, DCs

    The supermarket chain is using a system of active RFID tags and readers to track cargo containers transported by shipping and logistics company Horizon Lines.

  • Active RFID Tracks Alaskan Cargo

    Shipping firm Horizon Lines has gained total visibility over all its cargo shipments to Alaska with an active RFID system that tracks shipping containers in terminals, on ships, in DCs, and as they travel on highways. Grocer Safeway uses data from the system to track incoming goods to its Alaskan supermarkets.

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