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Internet of Things Editor's Note

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  • The Image of the IoT vs. RFID

    Many people see Internet of Things technologies in a positive light, despite problems, but do not view RFID the same way. The question is: Why?

  • What Does "Digital Transformation" Really Mean?

    Like "Internet of Things," the term is often undefined, or is defined very differently by various so-called experts. Here's what digital transformation is all about.

  • Where the Money Is in RFID

    Investing in radio frequency identification is not just about cutting costs and improving efficiencies. It's also about boosting topline revenue.

  • How I Fared on 2015's Predictions

    The RFID industry made progress, but not as I had expected.

  • The Internet of Hacked Things

    A New York Times story says security is going to be a major problem for the Internet of Things.

  • IOT Hype Begins to Fade

    Consumer interest in smart home devices declined during the past year, indicating that Internet of Things technologies might be losing some of their luster.

  • Internet of Things: Promise and Peril for the RFID Industry

    Interest in IoT technologies could bring radio frequency identification much-needed attention, but there are risks for the RFID industry.

  • The Intranet of Things

    The Internet of Things used by consumers and the ones used by companies will likely be very different.

  • The Internet of Things Journal

    We're expanding our editorial offering because businesspeople will need a reliable source of information about how to leverage IoT technologies.

  • Next Up: A Passive UHF Reader in Your Phone

    Apple's embrace of NFC means all new phones will have an RFID reader—but they also need to be able to read Electronic Product Codes.

  • It's All Coming Together

    Cloud computing, RFID, advances in processing power, nanotechnology and other trends will soon coalesce into a multifaceted platform that gives computers the ability to know what in happening in the world—and to respond.

  • Recognizing Kevin Ashton's Contributions to RFID Journal

    The co-founder of the MIT Auto-ID Center and soon-to-be author wrote a column for 10 years that added greatly to the world's understanding of RFID's role in business and society.

  • What Is the Internet of Things?

    No one seems to agree on a definition, but everyone agrees that linking physical objects to the Internet is an important and ongoing trend.

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