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Health Care Editor's Note

  • Finding Needles in a Haystack

    A new report about hospitals' adoption of real-time location systems illustrates the challenges faced by RFID solution providers.

  • RFID's Role in Food Safety

    With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration taking a more aggressive role in preventing outbreaks of food-borne illnesses, it might be time for growers to embrace new technology.

  • The Way Forward

    For RFID technology to truly deliver on its promise, industries must come together and agree on standards.

  • RFID and the Future of Engineering

    All types of engineers will need to master the technology in the coming years.

  • Can Anyone in the Obama Administration Spell 'RFID'?

    The president called for Congress to authorize $1 billion for ill-defined support for manufacturing, while ignoring the RFID revolution in its backyard.

  • Watch What You Eat

    The horsemeat scandal engulfing Europe is evidence that the global food supply chain is just too complex to monitor without RFID and other technologies.

  • Predictions for RFID in 2013

    It will be another year of steady progress and consolidation.

  • Connecting End Users and RFID Providers

    Every day, companies seek RFID solutions. New cost-effective Web site capabilities allow vendors to advertise their products and services only to those who need their help.

  • What Could Be in Health Care

    Many hospitals are using RFID for one application or another, but no one has yet put it all together.

  • How RFID Is Transforming VA Hospital Operations

    One of the largest rollouts of real-time location technology will help to improve care and reduce costs—and show other hospitals how a radio frequency identification deployment can be done right.

  • RFID and the Big Picture

    A growing number of companies are considering radio frequency identification as a tool to enable fundamental changes to their organization.

  • New RFID Solutions for Specific Business Needs

    Got a problem? Judging by what will be on display at LIVE! 2012, RFID solutions providers have been hard at work developing new products to address real business concerns.

  • What Have We Learned About RFID?

    While the past 10 years have seen ups and downs when it comes to the use of radio frequency identification, we now know a great deal about how and where the technology delivers value.

  • Still Crazy After All These Years

    Why I believe more passionately in radio frequency identification now than I did when I first launched RFID Journal, 10 years ago this week.

  • The Year That Was

    2011 saw some economic ups and downs, but many companies turned to RFID to track the locations of their products and assets—and to monitor their conditions.

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