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Health Care Editor's Note

  • RFID Applications and Use Cases in Health Care

    Here are the major ways in which radio frequency identification technologies are being deployed at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other facilities.

  • New RFID Journal Awards

    We have revised the categories to better reflect the current trends in RFID deployments.

  • Awards Finalists Highlight the Maturation of RFID

    The scope and complexity of many deployments show that RFID can play a role in mission-critical applications.

  • Creating Confidence in RFID Data

    Companies are employing a variety of strategies to convince both staff members and senior management that information provided by radio frequency identification systems is accurate.

  • Balancing Your Interests

    RFID solution providers have short-term goals, but they should not be put ahead of long-term interests.

  • Free the People

    Workers want to be more efficient, so project managers should show them how RFID can help them break the shackles of the old way of doing things.

  • Believing in RFID

    My conviction that radio frequency identification technology will be adopted widely in the near future is based on the knowledge that it can reduce waste in many industries.

  • Look Beyond an ROI

    The mishandling of anthrax samples by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that some things, such as the safety of workers and the public health, are more important than money.

  • Real Momentum

    An increase in end users attending RFID Journal LIVE! is further evidence that RFID adoption is picking up.

  • Getting the Word Out That RFID Works

    Major companies in many industries want to share how they are deploying the technology across their entire operations.

  • An RFID Solution for Any Business Problem

    At RFID Journal LIVE! 2014, there will be a variety of tags, readers and software on display for virtually any application.

  • What You Can Learn About RFID From Others

    Listening to companies that have deployed radio frequency identification in your industry is valuable—as is learning from those who have deployed RFID in other sectors.

  • Enter the RFID Journal Awards for 2014

    Companies and organizations have until the end of this week to submit their entries and be recognized for their outstanding work in using radio frequency identification technology.

  • Saving Patients and Money

    RFID technology can improve patient outcomes while helping hospitals cut costs.

  • When Growth Goes Flat

    Some economists predict many more years of sluggish demand, which means companies that want to grow their profits will need to invest in new technologies to cut costs.

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