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A Guide to Understanding RFID. Radio frequency identification might seem simple at first, but it can be complex and difficult to deploy successfully. Here's an easy-to-understand guide to understanding the technology and how it can deliver business value.

  • How to Get the Most Out of the RFID Journal Site

    Learn how RFID Journal's content is organized and how you can use the site to reduce research time and ensure a successful deployment.

  • What is RFID? By Bob Violino

    Here's a plain-English explanation of what radio frequency identification is and why it's suddenly become an important technology.

  • The History of RFID Technology By Bob Violino

    Radio frequency identification has been around for decades. Learn how it evolved from its roots in World War II radar systems to today's hottest supply chain technology.

  • The Basics of RFID Technology By Bob Violino

    There are many different types of radio frequency identification technology. This article explains the difference between active and passive tags and between low-, high- and ultra-high frequency systems.

  • RFID System Components and Costs By Bob Violino

    A radio frequency identification system that delivers business value includes more than just tags and readers.

  • A Summary of RFID Standards By Bob Violino

    It's commonly said that there are no standards in RFID. In fact, there are many well-established standards and a few emerging standards. Here's a guide to the most important ones.

  • RFID Business Applications By Bob Violino

    Radio frequency identification can be used in many different ways to create value. Here are the most common ways businesses are using RFID today.

  • RFID Consumer Applications and Benefits By Bob Violino

    RFID technology has only recently begun to be used in consumer applications, but there are many potential benefits.

  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Integrator By Bob Violino

    Most companies will turn to a systems integrator to install readers and link their RFID system to backend databases and applications. Here are the issues you need to consider before choosing an integrator.

  • 10 Questions to Ask RFID Vendors By Bob Violino

    Before you begin an RFID pilot or rollout, there are some important questions you need to ask RFID tag and reader providers to guarantee the success of the project and future-proof your investment.

  • Building the Business Case By Bob Violino

    To achieve a return on investment in RFID, companies need to have different departments work together to solve the many minor, low-level problems that contribute to a big issue, such as excess inventory. Here’s how to build a bottom-up business case.

  • Developing an RFID Strategy By Bob Violino

    The approach each company takes toward an RFID deployment can make the difference between disaster and profitability. Here are three basic strategies that companies can adapt to further their long-term business goals.

  • Collaboration Is the Key to Success By Bob Violino

    For companies to achieve the big benefits RFID technology offers, they will need to work with supply chain partners. The time to start? Now.

  • Will RFID Disrupt Your Business? By Bob Violino

    Companies developing an RFID strategy need to understand whether the technology will support the way they do business—or change it entirely, says author Michael E. Raynor.

  • 10 Things CEOs Must Know By Bob Violino

    Deploying RFID successfully is no simple matter. Here are the essential truths CEOs need to understand about the technology to establish a successful deployment strategy.

  • RFID Essentials Online Training

    Our RFID Essentials interactive online workshop helps you understand the technology, how to apply it and where to find an ROI.