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  • Benefits Fuel RFID Deployments

    By Jennifer Zaino

    Oil and gas companies are adopting radio frequency identification technology to better manage assets and inventory, improve drilling and maintenance operations, and protect workers in dangerous environments. But industry experts say they're missing out on a powerful application.

  • Eliminating Waste

    By John Edwards

    Businesses are adopting RFID to identify and eradicate the inefficiencies that impede growth and profits.

  • Clear Channels: Talking to End Users

    By John Edwards

    Solution providers must address buyers' needs and preferences when marketing RFID products and services.

  • RFID File-Tracking Solutions

    By Minda Zetlin

    Here's what you need to know to decide whether your business could benefit from managing files automatically—and in real time.

  • Car Makers Steer Toward RFID

    By Jennifer Zaino

    Manufacturing benefits drive adoption, and down the road, supply-chain standards could accelerate the ride.

  • The Problem Solvers

    By John Edwards

    Systems integrators help clients create the RFID solutions that will meet their business needs, while getting disparate components to function together seamlessly and cost-efficiently.

  • Game Changer?

    By Jennifer Zaino

    A new design that links an RFID chip to the microprocessor in a consumer electronics device makes way for many killer apps.

  • It's Time for CEOs to Take the Lead

    By Mark Roberti

    We've had a decade of learning how to deploy RFID. Now, corporate leaders must develop an enterprise strategy for implementing the technology, to ensure their companies will be competitive—and successful—in the future.

  • NFC Technology Brings New Life to Games

    By Jennifer Zaino

    Kids, toy makers and technology providers all benefit, as the line between physical and virtual play blends.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! Europe—UK Report

    At RFID Journal's first event in London, presenters explained how businesses can employ radio frequency identification technologies for a variety of applications in retail, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing. View the presentations from the event.

  • Manufacturing Value

    By Mary Catherine O'Connor

    RFID provides visibility into parts and processes, improving efficiencies and reducing costs, but manufacturers must take an enterprise approach to maximize benefits and savings.

  • RFID Journal LIVE! Europe—Scandinavia Report

    This year, RFID Journal expanded its European conference and exhibition to two countries, beginning with Norway. View the presentations from the first event.

  • Europe Is Rolling Out RFID

    By John Edwards

    In the midst of a financial crisis, many companies in myriad industries are investing in the technology to boost profits.

  • RFID in High Tech 2012 Report

    Last month, RFID Journal hosted its inaugural conference and exhibition designed to showcase how radio frequency identification is changing the high-technology industry. View the presentations from the event.

  • Europe Is Rolling Out RFID

    By John Edwards

    In the midst of a financial crisis, many companies in myriad industries are investing in the technology to boost profits.

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