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  • Taking RFID Beyond Identification

    Prof. Ted Selker and his Context Aware Computing Group at MIT are using RFID to power sensors, transmitters and other microelectronic devices.

  • Breakthrough on 1-Cent RFID Tag

    Researchers at Infineon have found a way to create microchips on common packaging materials. One day, chips may be printed with commercial processes for less than a penny.

  • RFID: The Investment Opportunity

    The establishment of open, global standards for RFID will reduce equipment costs, spur adoption and create enormous investment opportunities.

  • Auto-ID Center Ponders Patent Pool

    A pool could reduce the risk of lawsuits slowing the adoption of its EPC system. But it’s not clear whether the RFID industry will go along.

  • Libraries Adopt RFID By The Book

    Four years ago, Rockefeller University Library became the first library to use RFID to track books. Dozens of others have followed suit. Do these systems pay off?

  • RFID Sensors: From Battlefield Intelligence To Consumer Protection

    The U.S. military is funding the development of low-cost RFID sensors to gather information about battlefield conditions. The same technology could one day tell you when food is spoiled or tainted.

  • Sensors to Network the World

    Intel is working with researchers at Berkeley to develop tiny sensors that can form ad hoc networks and provide feedback on the physical world.

  • The Technologist-in-Chief

    Sanjay Sarma, head of research at the Auto-ID Center, is leading the effort to create an, open global network for tracking products using low-cost RFID tags.

  • Bar Code Pioneer Talks About RFID

    Alan Haberman played an instrumental role in the creation of the bar code 25 years ago. He spoke recently to RFID Journal about the future of auto identification.

  • A New Approach to RFID

    University of Pittsburgh professor Marlin Mickle has developed a novel approach to RFID. His PENI tag "harvests" energy to transmit back a unique ID, which improves performance.

  • Agents Key to RFID Supply Chains

    BiosGroup's intelligent software agents could play an important role in supply chains by responding automatically to information coming from RFID tags and readers.

  • Conjuring Up a Low-Cost Reader

    ThingMagic, a small technology services, firm has built a prototype for the first low-cost, networkable RFID reader to scan electronic product codes.

  • Rafsec Is Tuned for Success

    The Finnish smart-label company is producing innovative antennas that will be part of the world's first ten-cent RFID tag.

  • Alien NanoBlocks Will Reshape RFID

    Alien Technology has figured how to mass assemble microchips the size of a grain of pepper. The company could transform the RFID industry.

  • Kevin Ashton May Change the World

    The Auto-ID Center Executive Director's vision of an open system for tracking goods with low-cost RFID tags will have an effect on nearly everyone someday.

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