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  • Military Marches Toward Adoption

    By Mark Roberti

    The U.S. Department of Defense provides more details about its RFID tagging requirements, its initial implementations and the benefits it expects to achieve from RFID.

  • Securing Your Cargo With Seals

    By Roger G. Johnston

    RFID and other high-tech seals have the potential to secure supply chain assets. But a Los Alamos National Laboratory study found that it’s important not to mix up inventory and security functions.

  • Types of Supply Chain Seals

    By Bob Violino

    Most seals can be categorized as belonging to one of the following 11 types (though there is some overlap).

  • The 5-Cent RFID Tag

    By Bob Violino

    The promise of a 5-cent tag has many manufacturers and retailers dreaming of a truly automated supply chain. But can it really be achieved? And if so, how long will it take until you can actually buy one? RFID Journal reports.

  • The DOD Spells Out Its RFID Plans

    By Mark Roberti

    Last week, the U.S. Department of Defense met with representatives from some 200 suppliers to begin explaining its RFID strategy. RFID Journal provides a complete report of the meeting.

  • RFID Employed Against Terrorism

    By Bob Violino

    Pilots and programs overseen by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security show how RFID technology can speed the movement of people across boarders while reducing the threat of terrorism.

  • Wal-Mart Lays Out RFID Roadmap

    By Bob Violino

    The world’s largest retailer gave suppliers details on its RFID requirements, including the type of tags, accuracy rates, labeling, data formats and other critical issues. RFID Journal provides the complete picture.

  • CRM's Emerging RFID Relationship

    By Bob Violino

    By making it easier to gather and access data on customer needs, preferences and behavior, RFID technology could help customer relationship management initiatives finally reach their full potential.

  • Linking RFID with Web services

    By Bob Violino

    Because Web services make it easier for business partners to electronically share real-time data and conduct transactions, the marriage of RFID and Web services promises to be a productive union.

  • Code Warriors: Driving EPC Forward

    By Bob Violino

    The Uniform Code Council and EAN International have formed a joint venture, EPCglobal, to foster global adoption of EPC technology. The UCC's Mike Di Yeso and Dicki Lulay of EPCglobal U.S. discuss that crucial goal.

  • Smart Cards for Smart Commuters

    By Bob Violino

    The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and other transit operators plan to deploy RFID-based fare collection systems in 2004. The technology reduces costs, and customers love the convenience.

  • The Code Warriors

    By Mark Roberti

    Uniform Code Council's Mike Di Yeso and Dicki Lulay of AutoID U.S. are charged with fostering global adoption of the Electronic Product Code.

  • Actively Managing Supply Chains

    By Bob Violino

    Savi Technology made its name providing battery-powered RFID systems to help the U.S. military manage its supply chain. Now Savi's expanding to the commercial sector to secure its market position.

  • The Coming RFID Skills Crunch

    By Bob Violino

    Suppliers are scrambling to figure out how to tag pallets and cases for retailers. But where will companies find qualified experts to install RFID systems? Some experts are predicting an expensive war for talent.

  • RFID Journal Live! Event Report

    By Bob Violino

    Speakers at our conference in Chicago provided a wealth of information on how they are using RFID to transform many aspects of their businesses. Read the complete report and download the presentations.

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