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  • A Reader Revolution

    By Patrick J. Sweeney II

    Next-generation RFID interrogators sport unprecedented power and memory, improving installation and performance and delivering an ROI to end users.

  • A Consumer Approach to RFID

    By Joe Leone

    Moving from pieces and parts systems to packaged solutions can help end users achieve a faster ROI—and accelerate RFID adoption.

  • For Small to Midsize Container Companies, RFID Makes Sense

    By Melanie Hippler

    Based on a study involving a real-life logistics provider, the average payback period for an EPC Gen 2 RFID implementation is between 12 and 24 months.

  • Preventing RFID Brain Drain

    By Tammy Stewart

    RFID-skilled individuals and their employers need to take proactive steps to keep the industry's most accomplished professionals in the talent pool.

  • Toward Better Asset Management

    By Ajith Kumar Parlikad

    RFID tools and solutions can automate asset-maintenance processes.

  • Rise of the RFID Robots

    By Kevin Ashton

    These next-generation machines could lend a hand in your home or warehouse.

  • Cashing In on Contactless Sporting Events

    By Steve Beecroft

    There are many benefits to adopting a cashless payment system that enables spectators to use RFID cards to pay for food, beverages and other items. Here's what you need to know.

  • Order Out of Chaos

    By Sanjay Sarma

    A fragmented warehouse equipped with RFID can save companies time and money.

  • EPCIS Implementers Need to Clean Up Their Data

    By Ted Osinski

    One hundred percent of first-time exchanges of EPCIS events between companies contained errors. If not corrected, such mistakes could jeopardize the promise of tracking and tracing.

  • That 'Internet of Things' Thing

    By Kevin Ashton

    In the real world, things matter more than ideas.

  • How RFID Can Help Manufacturers Thrive in Recessionary Times

    By John DiPalo

    With every economic crisis comes opportunity. A well-scrutinized RFID project has the potential to yield a strong return on investment.

  • Hex Is Not the Standard

    By Patrick King

    EPC Gen 2 RFID buyers beware: Just because hardware is certified as interoperable does not mean its applications are interchangeable.

  • Beyond the Basics

    By Tatsuya Inaba

    Innovative RFID applications can deliver more benefits and a faster ROI.

  • Lessons From Air Safety

    By Kevin Ashton

    RFID could be the food supply chain's equivalent of the flight data recorder.

  • A Broader Definition of RFID

    By Jonathan Collins

    BLE promises to blur the line between Bluetooth and radio frequency identification.

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