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  • Building Smart RFID Networks

    By Hersh Bhargava

    Companies need implementations that convert RFID data into business information, then send that information to the right application at the right time.

  • RFID Shelf-life Monitoring Helps Resolve Disputes

    By Terry Myers

    By attaching RFID-enabled sensors to shipments of perishable goods, producers and retail buyers can identify spoilage, and its causes.

  • Perfect Harmony

    By Kevin Ashton

    Different RFID technologies should work together to solve end users' needs.

  • It's Not That Simple

    By Doug Farry

    Don't blame the FDA for not imposing mandates to speed up RFID's adoption in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Closing the RFID Knowledge Gap in Apparel and Footwear

    By Marshall Kay

    At current price points, RFID makes an excellent fit for apparel and footwear retailers.

  • Sensing Future Opportunities for RFID

    By Priyanka Gouthaman

    The future vision for RFID technology lies in achieving completely automated sensing networks that can react to external changes in real time.

  • Authentication and Security

    By Behnam Jamali

    New encryption techniques promise to make the use of RFID applications more secure, increasing the public's trust in the technology.

  • The Ratification of EPCIS

    By Mike Meranda

    The EPCglobal Network is now open for business, allowing trading partners to share information and gain business value.

  • The World Needs Multiple RFID Frequencies, Standards

    By Dirk Morgenroth

    No single RFID technology fulfills all the requirements of existing and potential markets.

  • E-Pedigree's Evolution

    By Ronald Quirk

    Recent legislative initiatives, technological advances and the financial benefits of electronic pedigrees have engendered a new willingness by pharmaceutical companies to utilize RFID in their battles against counterfeit drugs.

  • RFID: Looking Beyond the Retail Promise

    By Priyanka Gouthaman

    Although RFID volumes in the retail and pharmaceutical markets fell short of expectations, the technology saw widespread deployment in other sectors.

  • Mixing RFID in the Auto-ID Blender

    By Chris Hook

    Before deploying RFID, first be sure to consider all the automatic-identification and data-capture systems available to you.

  • HF Protocols' Distant Dream

    By John Schroeter

    Although HF RFID air-interface protocols operate at a single global frequency, a number of factors hinder the ability of HF tags and readers to achieve interoperability.

  • Complex Event Processing and RFID

    By John Morrell

    The use of complex event processing (CEP) software can lower development time and costs for event-driven RFID and sensor-network applications.

  • There's No Packaged Answer for RFID

    By Pat King

    Adding an RFID tag to a product's packaging requires careful designing, but there are things you can do to help ensure a favorable outcome.

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