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Virtual Events Oct 06, 2020

RFID in the Food Chain 2020

October 06, 11:00 am - October 06, 2020, 1:00 pm

This virtual event is designed to educate growers, distributors of food and food products manufacturers, as well as systems integrators and other implementers, regarding the benefits of using RFID to track the location and monitor the temperature of food and beverages as they move through the supply chain. Hear about the current state of RFID technology, and learn how your organization can deploy the technology to achieve such benefits today. Also, gain an understanding of the various applications of RFID technology in the food industry (supply chain management, temperature monitoring of food and beverages) and how RFID technology is being used for food safety management.

11:00 AM
Welcome and Introduction
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

11:05 AM
Grower Uses RFID Temperature Sensors to Reduce Losses Due to Spoilage
A fruit grower is deploying an RFID solution enabling the company to view the temperature of the fruit packed at its processing facility, as well as record temperature fluctuations in a truck while the products are transported, and monitor the temperature in real time once more at a retailer’s distribution center. Trays of fruit are loaded onto pallets and shipped on the same day they are picked. Before loading the pallets onto trucks, tags are placed on top of the trays of fruit, which are then moved through a precooling process before being shipped on the same afternoon. In this session learn how the firm was able to catch temperature problems as they happen and reduce spoilage.

11:35 AM
RFID Technology in the Food Chain
Which technologies are right for growers, distributors and producers of food and food products? A leading technology provider will explain how its solutions can be employed to track the location and temperature of food products as they move through the supply chain. In addition, the session will include a question-and-answer period, and the online audience will have an opportunity to pose questions to the speakers.

12:05 PM
Using RFID to Establish a Secure Chain of Custody in the Meat Industry
Two universities have joined forces to develop a tamper-proof, cloud-based RFID traceability system, tailored toward the food industry. Initial pilot projects are focused on the poultry industry, and cover production from processing plant to consumer. The system is based on a combination of RFID temperature-logging and geo-locationary systems, cloud-based decision-support systems and smartphone technology. Researchers are now testing epi-biometrics on chicken fillets. Learn how the solution relies on a combination of RFID and smartphone technologies to facilitate the provision of temperature and location details at the batch level, thereby establishing a secure chain of custody from processing plant to consumer.

12:35 PM
From Farm to Salad Bowl: Tracking Fresh Produce
Field-packing into cardboard cartons is the current method for the handling and later transport of all leafy vegetables, including iceberg lettuce. Hear how integrated RFID and GPS technologies are being used to georeference field cartons, and to wirelessly transmit grower and harvest protocols via a site-specific, field-level tracking system. Learn how the solution provides the seamless traceability of produce from the retail shelf back to precise field locations. Additionally, hear the latest information about lettuce harvesting, highlighted by a system capable of tracing carton-level packed iceberg lettuce to an exact field location using RFID and GPS technologies.

12:55 PM
Closing Remarks
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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