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Efficiency Editor's Note

  • Learn RFID Best Practices from BAE Systems

    The presentation the company delivered at RFID Journal LIVE! 2019 offers valuable lessons to any business that wants to deploy an RFID solution successfully.

  • RFID Data Equals Business Intelligence

    Delta Air Lines finds that information provided by RFID regarding life vests, emergency equipment and oxygen canisters enables it to plan more effectively and make better business decisions.

  • RFID Is the First Step Toward Digital Transformation

    Companies that want to be truly digital—and truly efficient and effective, and take advantage of advances in artificial intelligence—need to deploy radio frequency identification technologies. Here's why.

  • How Will U.S. Companies Spend Their Tax Cut?

    The tax rate for businesses has been cut to 21 percent, from 39.1 percent, giving profitable firms a nice windfall; smart companies will invest in technologies such as RFID.

  • Leading Indicators of RFID Trends

    More apparel manufacturers, bar-code resellers and investors are signing up for RFID Journal's electronic newsletters. Here's what that means for the industry.

  • Technology Is the Key to Retail's Future

    RFID and other technologies will determine who will dominate as the online and brick-and-mortar worlds merge.

  • Finding Excellence

    At next week's RFID Journal LIVE! event, many companies will find new RFID solutions that will help them improve operations, reduce inefficiencies and become more profitable.

  • RFID, Productivity and Workers

    Some view the big productivity gains RFID technology can bring as a threat to workers' jobs and wages, but the reality is complex.

  • My Wall Street Journal Op-Ed on RFID

    The fact that a major newspaper has published an opinion piece suggests the tide has shifted in RFID's direction.

  • RFID Is Now a Corporate Priority

    Delta Air Lines and Macy's are among the companies making RFID a strategic imperative. What do they know that other firms don't?

  • Awards Finalists Highlight the Maturation of RFID

    The scope and complexity of many deployments show that RFID can play a role in mission-critical applications.

  • Innovation Gets Physical

    Rapid advances in digital technologies are beginning to be matched by technologies that improve the physical world—one of which is RFID.

  • People Are the Differentiator

    Retailers struggling with competition from websites should use RFID to free up employees to better serve customers.

  • Reversing the Decline in Productivity

    If companies begin investing again in new technologies, workers will become more efficient.

  • Airbus Continues to Innovate

    With the appointment of Carlo Nizam to head its digitalization strategy, the airplane maker is charting a flight path toward greater efficiency and profitability.

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