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Editor's Note

  • EPC and ISO 18000-6

    Confused about differences between the Auto-ID Center's Electronic Product Code and ISO 18000-6? Chris Turner offers some clarifications.

  • One-to-One Reality

    RFID will create an extraordinary new opportunity to market to consumers while they shop.

  • Our Stand on Standards

    RFID Journal is now and has always been a strong supporter of open RFID standards.

  • Inklings of the Future

    Using conductive inks to print RFID antennas opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

  • The End of Cynicism

    Many business executives are skeptical about RFID, but honest reporting can change that.

  • Informed Debate

    Readers share some of their enlightened views on the privacy issue.

  • Fear of Big Brother

    As more people learn about the potential for using RFID to track purchases, privacy concerns are growing.

  • Now the Hard Part

    Despite all of the excitement about low-cost RFID tags, the biggest challenge is creating the IT infrastructure.

  • The New RFID Journal

    The redesigned RFID Journal Web site makes it easier to find the stories you want to read.

  • If There's a Patent Pool, Should You Jump In?

    By Dan Mullen

    Everyone agrees more RFID standards are needed. But a patent pool may just add an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy. By Dan Mullen, Interim CEO of AIM

  • Looking Ahead To 2003

    By Mark Roberti

    The buzz about RFID will fade quickly in 2003 if standards groups don't deliver, and companies don't move beyond the pilot stage.

  • Pieces of the Puzzle, II

    The coalescing of the supply side of the market continues to gather momentum.

  • The World Just Changed

    Gillette's plan to purchase 500 million RFID tags from Alien Technology forces vendors and end users to confront a new reality.

  • Opportunity Knocks

    Open standards create opportunity by dramatically increasing the size of the potential market.

  • The March of Folly

    It foolish to continue selling proprietary systems when the broad market has embraced open standards.

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