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Editor's Note

  • A Time for Leadership

    By Bob Violino

    This week, the Auto-ID Center officially introduces EPC technology to the world. Now is the time for industry leaders to step up and foster adoption.

  • The Big Picture

    By Bob Violino

    We are moving toward a world where business is done in one language, with one currency and with one system to track products.

  • IT Does Matter

    By Bob Violino

    RFID will lead to a whole new wave of change in information technology systems, which will provide a competitive edge for those who exploit it.

  • Save Our Infrastructure

    By Bob Violino

    The blackout and recent Internet worms highlight the urgent need to secure the IT infrastructure that supply chain technologies like RFID depend on.

  • What's Your Model?

    By Bob Violino

    Radio frequency identification offers opportunities for established companies and startups to create new types of businesses.

  • VCs Are Writing Checks Again

    By Bob Violino

    Venture capital spending increased in the second quarter, and that's good news for the RFID industry and end users.

  • EPC and the Need for Good Data

    By Bob Violino

    Initiatives to improve companies' ability to share clean data will affect the pace of EPC adoption. By Marshall Kay

  • The Money Trail

    By Mark Roberti

    Reports about embedding RFID tags in money are premature. But even when the technology is available, it's unlikely to be used to track purchases.

  • Labor Pains

    By Bob Violino

    With Wal-Mart and its top 100 suppliers about to begin deploying RFID systems, the industry could be facing a shortage of qualified implementers.

  • Big Brother's Enemy

    By Bob Violino

    Some believe that RFID is going to usher in an age of government control, but that's only because they don't understand history.

  • The Shelved Shelf

    By Bob Violino

    What does Wal-Mart's decision to "cancel" its smart shelf test really mean?

  • Do the Right Thing

    By Bob Violino

    Caspian has invaded the privacy of Auto-ID Center sponsors, but users of the technology have to remain open about their pilots.

  • The Last Pieces of the Puzzle

    By Bob Violino

    Japan's decision to allocate a portion of the UHF spectrum for use by RFID systems paves the way for global adoption.

  • Full Disclosure

    By Bob Violino

    The privacy issue just won't go away. One group is proposing legislation requiring products with tags to be clearly labeled.

  • RFID's Momentous Week

    By Bob Violino

    Last week marked a turning point for RFID, but it's worth taking stock of where the technology stands today and where it needs to go.

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