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Editor's Note

  • Spychips Book Fails to Make Its Case

    By Mark Roberti

    The anti-RFID book by the leaders of CASPIAN doesn't provide any compelling evidence that the technology is a threat to privacy.

  • EPC's Momentum is About to Pick Up

    By Mark Roberti

    Expanding mandates, proof that RFID lowers out-of-stocks, lower tag prices and agreed-on formats for sharing data will all give RFID/EPC adoption a boost.

  • In Memory of Mike Sullivan

    By Mark Roberti

    Friends of one of the pioneers of RFID use in the consumer packaged goods supply chain have set up a fund in his memory.

  • Lower Prices, Higher Expectations

    By Mark Roberti

    Vendors announcing lower prices for EPC UHF RFID tags have created plenty of buzz, but they are unlikely to accelerate adoption dramatically in the near term.

  • EPC's European Accent

    By Andrew Price

  • The Mood of the EPCglobal Community

    By Mark Roberti

    There's a sense that things are not moving as quickly as people expected, but progress continues to be made.

  • Patent Dispute Resolved

    By Mark Roberti

    The resolution of the patent dispute between Intermec and Symbol is good news for the RFID industry, and for end users.

  • The Right Time to Invest

    By Mark Roberti

    Some companies are reducing their investments in RFID, which is why this might be the best time to invest.

  • Real Assets: RFID Experts

    By Mark Roberti

    Companies need to develop in-house experts with a good grounding in the fundamentals of RFID, which is why training programs and certification are becoming so important.

  • Everyone in the Pool

    By Mark Roberti

    The decision by some RFID patent holders to form a patent pool is good news for technology providers and for end users.

  • Be Wary of Vendor Claims

    By Mark Roberti

    Market research firm Venture Development Corp. says vendors are contributing to confusion among end users by providing misleading information. The situation is likely to get worse as EPC Gen 2 products start hitting the market.

  • Yes, RFID Does Pay

    By Mark Roberti

    The use of RFID payment systems falls somewhere between tomorrow's promise and today's reality.

  • RFID's Case of Schizophrenia

    By Mark Roberti

    Those looking at using RFID can't see a return on investment, but those using it say the technology pays for itself. What's up?

  • Serialized Bar Codes or RFID?

    By Mark Roberti

    Serialized bar codes are not a replacement for RFID, but they should be considered for applications where line of sight is not an issue and a lot of labor isn’t needed to scan items.

  • Process Controls for the Supply Chain

    By Mark Roberti

    RFID could bring to supply chains a level of automation and control similar to what process control devices brought to manufacturing decades ago.

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