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Editor's Note

  • RFID Journal’s New Look

    By Mark Roberti

    An upgrade to the Web site makes it easier for readers to find content specific to their industry or their functional area.

  • The Gen 2 Reality

    By Mark Roberti

    The new protocol is not going to deliver a huge performance boost—at least not right away.

  • Consumer Distorts

    By Mark Roberti

    A recent article in "Consumer Reports" about the possible use of RFID to invade people's privacy does a disservice to consumers.

  • Out of the Trough

    By Mark Roberti

    More companies are seeing a clear return on investment, indicating the RFID industry has definitely emerged from the "trough of disillusionment."

  • A 5-Cent Breakthrough

    By Mark Roberti

    The news that SmartCode is offering UHF RFID inlays for 5 cents a piece in volumes of 100 million marks a watershed for the RFID industry.

  • Learn What RFID Doesn't Do

    By Mark Roberti

    At RFID Journal LIVE!, end users who have done the hard work of launching pilots will reveal what RFID can—and can't—do for your business.

  • It's Time to Take Stock

    By Mark Roberti

    What Alien Technology’s filing for an initial public offering means--and doesn’t mean--for the RFID industry.

  • A New Resource for End Users

    By Mark Roberti

    RFID Journal will soon publish the first “Buyer’s Guide to RFID Resources,” marking a milestone in the industry’s development.

  • Let the Competition Begin

    By Mark Roberti

    The debate over whether high-frequency or ultrahigh frequency tags are best for tracking items is now in full swing.

  • Visibility Down to the Item

    By Mark Roberti

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing David Brock for an "Out in Front" story. Brock is the mad scientist who, back in 1996, came up with the ridiculously implausible idea of embedding a radio frequency identification tag in every item manufactured on Earth. A decade later, Brock's idea not only doesn't seem so farfetched, it's actually starting to happen.

  • The Great RFID Debate: HF or UHF?

    By Mark Roberti

    With interest in item-level tagging on the rise, end users are trying to figure out whether to use high-frequency or ultrahigh frequency tags on individual products. Millions of dollars ride on the outcome.

  • Standards Are the Key to RFID’s Value

    By Mark Roberti

    EPCglobal will soon publish a standard for the EPC Information Services, which might not sound sexy, but it is the key to leveraging RFID in the open supply chain.

  • What Metro Knows About RFID

    By Mark Roberti

    The German retailer invested millions in a massive display at CeBIT. The big question is, Why?

  • A Look At Metro's CeBIT Display

    By Andrew Price

    Metro, the Germany retailer, had a massive display at the CeBIT fair in Hanover Germany. Here are some photographs of the various RFID concepts it showed off.

  • RFID Gains Momentum

    By Mark Roberti

    While there haven't been any new mandates, it's clear that companies are accelerating RFID projects and, in some cases, committing to deploying RFID.

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