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Editor's Note

  • A Practical Approach at EPC Connection

    By Mark Roberti

    Attendees at EPCglobal's fourth annual conference and exhibition were focused on practical applications for EPC technologies that can deliver benefits today.

  • The Truth About RFID Adoption

    By Mark Roberti

    Wal-Mart, the U.S. Department of Defense, Boeing and Hewlett-Packard explain, in their own words, how their rollouts are proceeding.

  • The "Fly-by-Wire" Supply Chain

    By Mark Roberti

  • The Buck Starts With CEOs

    By Mark Roberti

    If RFID doesn't become a greater priority at the highest level, companies will never get the benefits that are possible.

  • Demonstrating the Value of EPCIS

    By Mark Roberti

    Confused about this new standard? See a live demonstration at EPC Connection 2007 that will clearly show how the EPC Information Service can improve the way companies do business.

  • RFID Education That Pays Off

    By Mark Roberti

    The market is changing, and the education provided at RFID Journal's events is changing with it.

  • What's Really Happening With RFID Adoption?

    By Mark Roberti

    Wal-Mart, the U.S. Department of Defense, Boeing and Hewlett-Packard discuss their rollout plans and the state of adoption in their respective industries at EPC Connection 2007.

  • RFID Skeptics Embrace RFID

    By Mark Roberti

    After hearing numerous case studies presented by early adopters at the RFID Journal—AAFA Apparel & Footwear Summit, some attendees said they would recommend their companies start pilots.

  • Microsoft Moves Into RFID in a Big Way

    By Mark Roberti

    The software giant's stepped-up RFID activities signal the start of the next stage of RFID's development—a massive increase in software applications that leverage RFID data.

  • RFID Is Not All or Nothing

    By Mark Roberti

    Companies in almost every industry are using specific RFID applications to achieve real business benefits today.

  • Don't Ignore the Benefits of RFID

    By Mark Roberti

    Some companies tagging goods to meet RFID mandates are missing an opportunity to cut costs and increase sales.

  • RFID Acquires a Latin Beat

    By Alexander C.H. Skorna and André Richter

    RFID is making inroads into new geographical locations and a variety of industries.

  • New Online RFID Training Course

    By Mark Roberti

    RFID Journal introduces an online training product that enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to achieve CompTIA RFID+ Certification.

  • RFID Adoption Continues to Accelerate

    By Mark Roberti

    There are so many real-world deployments of radio frequency identification that even the mainstream press is starting to take notice.

  • A Sharper Focus on RFID Privacy Issues

    By Mark Roberti

    A European report presents an objective view of privacy issues, and AIM Global launches a new educational effort.

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