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Consumer Packaged Goods Editor's Note

  • EPC Finds a Beachhead in the Supply Chain

    At RFID Journal LIVE! 2007, companies talked about the early wins they have achieved with EPC in the retail/CPG supply chain.

  • The EPCIS Standard in Perspective

    While the ratification of the standard represents a milestone for EPCglobal and EPC adoption, don't expect it to lead to mass adoption of EPC technologies overnight.

  • The Promotional Value of RFID

    There's no doubt that end users, vendors and standards bodies are making great strides.

  • Academic Convocation Tackles Health Care and Life Sciences Issues

    The FDA, Wal-Mart, McKesson and some high-powered researchers will address key issues affecting retailers, vendors and everyone in the HLS industry.

  • Don't Let Misperceptions of RFID Become Reality

    A recent article by the Wall Street Journal portrays Wal-Mart's RFID efforts as failing. That's not the case, of course, but there is a danger that misperception could become reality.

  • End Users Begin to Step Up

    The number and the quality of entries we received for the inaugural RFID Journal Awards indicates that end users have great stories to tell.

  • RFID and Root-Cause Analysis

    Retailers, CPG companies and others are turning to RFID to determine why problems in the supply chain occur, and to use that data to continually improve processes.

  • Will RFID Cross the Chasm in 2007?

    Maybe, but even if it doesn't, you can expect significant progress as companies prove there is a return on investment from using passive UHF tags in the supply chain.

  • What's Holding Up Rapid Adoption of RFID?

    Hint: It isn't the price of tags, as some recent reports suggest.

  • Everything You Need to Put RFID to Work

    RFID Journal's fifth annual RFID Journal LIVE! will provide new insights into how companies can leverage RFID today.

  • Taking RFID's Temperature

    At the EPCglobal Conference, end users were more bullish about the future of RFID than the vendors were.

  • Fresh Spinach, Anyone?

    The recent outbreak of E. coli in bags of fresh spinach in the United States highlighted the need for better traceability in the food chain—which RFID will one day be able to deliver.

  • Protecting Consumer Privacy

    An article in BusinessWeek about new video surveillance systems shows the focus should be on business practices, not technology.

  • Standards Are the Key to RFID’s Value

    EPCglobal will soon publish a standard for the EPC Information Services, which might not sound sexy, but it is the key to leveraging RFID in the open supply chain.

  • RFID Gains Momentum

    While there haven't been any new mandates, it's clear that companies are accelerating RFID projects and, in some cases, committing to deploying RFID.

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