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Cover Stories

  • End Users Speak Out

    By Samuel Greengard

    What will it take to make RFID a mainstream technology? We asked the people who are using it—or are considering doing so—in their distribution centers, factories, stores, supply chains and other locations.

  • RFID and Productivity Growth: Behind the Economic Statistics

    By Barb Freda

    Companies using radio frequency identification to automatically track and manage assets are lowering costs, increasing revenue, and improving customer satisfaction and employee morale.

  • Setting an Example

    By Mark Roberti

    Pam Sweeney is a leader on Macy's RFID team, which is using the technology to become the world's first omnichannel retailer.

  • A Gem of a Solution

    By Minda Zetlin

    Golden Environmental Mat Services tracks one-ton mats, so they don't get lost in the mud on job sites or harm environmentally fragile terrain.

  • RFID Gets to the Root of Surgical Services Problems

    By Samuel Greengard

    Florida Hospital uses real-time location data to understand why delays and bottlenecks occur, to improve OR performance and patient satisfaction.

  • A Healthy Partnership Solves Hospital Problems

    By Barb Freda

    TrackCore's Operating Room software integrated with Terso's RFID cabinets automates tissue and implant tracking, improving efficiencies, facilitating government compliance and boosting nurse satisfaction.

  • London's CityPoint Modernizes Building Security

    By Jill Gambon

    An NFC solution automates access control for contractors, facilitates guard patrol and gives property managers insight into operations.

  • Sensing New Opportunities

    By Paul Prince

    Phase IV Engineering's RFID Sensor Reader and Smartrac's Sensor Tadpole tag address end users' needs.

  • Decathlon Scores a Big Win With RFID

    By Bob Violino

    The French sporting goods retailer is tracking most of its products from factories to more than 1,000 stores in 25 countries.

  • Spain's Hospital de la Vega Gets Connected

    By Jennifer Zaino

    An IoT platform gathers data from multiple sources, puts it in context and disperses critical information in real time, improving patient care and internal processes.

  • Listen Up, Laggards!

    By Samuel Greengard

    It's time to get up to speed on RFID, before your competitors leave you in the dust.

  • Sustainability and Profit Go Hand in Hand

    By Minda Zetlin

    RFID helps companies preserve the environment and boost the bottom line.

  • RFID Asset Tracking for Small Organizations

    By Jennifer Zaino

    Now is a good time for small businesses and nonprofits to use the technology to manage inventory and improve efficiencies. Here are the issues to consider for a successful deployment.

  • Automating Compliance Processes

    By Samuel Greengard

    RFID will revolutionize the way organizations meet government regulations.

  • Big Data

    By Samuel Greengard

    It's time to devise a plan to store all the RFID data you're collecting and a strategy to use it—in combination with other information—to gain insights that could transform your business and provide a competitive advantage.

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