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  • The Year of Low Power

    By Kevin Ashton

    In 2012, RFID will benefit from a trend toward electronics that are more energy-efficient.

  • Toward a Zero-Injury Workplace

    By Euro Beinat

    Real-time safety solutions protect employees in dangerous industries.

  • Identifying Items

    By Ken Traub

    Apparel suppliers need to decide how they will assign unique serial numbers.

  • A New Approach to Pharmaceutical E-Pedigrees

    By Mark Harrison

    EPCIS can support chain-of-custody verification—without a cumbersome data burden.

  • The High Cost of Patent Trolls

    By Kevin Ashton

    Companies whose business is threatening alleged infringers exact money that could fund innovation.

  • RFID Earns a Second Chance

    By Susan Flake

    Apparel retailers are using the technology to improve inventory management, which increases sales and reduces working capital.

  • The Seeds of Innovation

    By Kevin Ashton

    Government stimulus is not only good for the economy—it also leads to groundbreaking technologies.

  • At-Home Product Life-Cycle Management

    By Tatsuya Inaba

    Manufacturers and customers can monitor consumer electronics devices for maintenance, repair and recycling.

  • RFID for Consumer Electronics

    By Victor Vega

    A new breed of UHF EPC Gen 2 ICs enables a myriad of applications.

  • A Real Innovator

    By Kevin Ashton

    How Alan Haberman changed the world—and me.

  • Designer Tags for RTIs

    By Urs Andrin Lampe

    RFID providers have developed tags that make it easier and more cost-effective to track and manage returnable transport items.

  • Securing Small Shipments

    By Peter Cole and Zhonghao Hu

    An RFID e-seal designed for ammunition, file or medical boxes can monitor for tampering.

  • The Wisdom of the Earth

    By Kevin Ashton

    China's leader really gets RFID.

  • Corralling Stray Reads

    By Raj Jayaraman

    Filters on fixed and handheld readers ensure data accuracy, providing retailers with real-time inventory visibility.

  • Beefing Up Security

    By Kwangjo Kim and Divyan M. Konidala

    A crypto algorithm embedded in an EPC Gen 2 tag could thwart counterfeiters and ensure only supply-chain partners have access to business information.

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