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  • Uniting IoT Networks

    By Daeyoung Kim, Seong Hoon Kim and Minkeun Ha

    Integrating EPC and IPv6 wireless standards will enable the Internet of Things.

  • Better Late Than Never

    By Kevin Ashton

    The Internet of Things is arriving, just 10 years after it was anticipated.

  • Tracking Your Competitors

    By Bill Hardgrave

    Why you should care where you are in the RFID adoption phase.

  • Using RFID and Bar Codes Together

    By Ken Traub

    By starting with the right data format, it's easy to achieve interoperability in business applications.

  • Managing RTIs

    By Stephane Pique

    New standards for tracking returnable transport items will allow companies to achieve internal and supply chain benefits.

  • Wearable RFID Tags

    By Damith Ranasinghe and Thomas Kaufmann

    Antennas must be lightweight, low-cost and powerful enough to support sensors in health-care applications.

  • It Fries Your Brain and Reads Your Mind

    By Kevin Ashton

    What the RFID industry can learn from the protest against electric meters.

  • Enlisting Robots

    By Florian Michahelles, Rob van Kranenburg and Markus Waibel

    Once robots are integrated into the Internet of Things, they can perform tasks automatically.

  • Next-Generation EPCIS

    By Ken Traub

    Planned enhancements to the EPC Information Services standard will improve traceability for nonserialized items and transformation processes.

  • Humanizing Robots

    By Kevin Ashton

    RFID is enabling robots to sense, identify and communicate with other robots and people.

  • Serialization Roadmap

    By Ken Traub

    A top-level tagging plan will help apparel suppliers identify items now, and pave the way for tracking more products in the future.

  • Encrypt Instead of 'Kill'

    By Junyu Wang and Xi Tan

    A dual-mode EPC RFID tag works in the supply chain and secures data after an item is purchased.

  • RFID Goes Bananas

    By Kevin Ashton

    The latest advance in RFID technology helps keep fruit fresh.

  • What's In a Name?

    By Ken Traub

    Choosing the right tag identifier now prevents headaches later.

  • Giving Nature a Helping Hand

    By Isaac Ehrenberg and Sanjay Sarma

    With metamaterials, we can create thin RFID tags for tracking canned items.

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