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  • Scale Matters

    By Kevin Ashton

    As RFID moves from pilot to deployment, the thing that will most starkly separate success from failure will be the ability of systems to scale.

  • Cache Is King

    By John Williams

    Auto-ID Labs is developing a software simulation called the Realm, which will determine optimal architectures for the EPCglobal Network.

  • The Value of Trust

    By Mike Meranda

    EPCglobal certification programs will ensure that hardware and software products meet approved standards.

  • Five Predictions for '06

    By Kevin Ashton

    What's in store for the RFID industry? Executives can count on another good year.

  • It's a Small World After All

    By Kevin Ashton

    Everyone will benefit if companies set aside their national (or personal) agendas and work toward a global EPC standard.

  • Walking the Talk

    By Mike Meranda

    Early adopters of EPC technology are showing there are benefits to be gained by both manufacturers and retailers.

  • Get in Sync

    By Marco Ziegler

    By improving product information management, companies can achieve business value today—and be set to gain benefits when RFID automates more processes.

  • Where's the ROI?

    By Kevin Ashton

    Companies can realize a return on their RFID investment, if they know where to look.

  • A 2-Cent RFID Tag?

    By Larry Evens

    Printable electronics, not silicon, may pave the way to a truly low-cost tag.

  • Silent But Steady Progress

    By Mike Meranda

    EPCglobal US brings together disparate groups to hammer out RFID standards.

  • Is Laboratory Testing Relevant?

    By Ari Juels

    It's getting a bad rap lately, but testing RFID products in a controlled environment is the best way to learn how things work and gain important insights.

  • Getting Privacy Right

    By Ari Juels

    EPCglobal US has a role to play in educating people about EPC technology.

  • The Commodity Myth

    By Kevin Ashton

    The adoption of technology standards leads to innovation, not commoditization.

  • ONS: Leveraging E-Commerce

    By Ari Juels

    EPCglobal’s Object Name Service is designed to let users look up data associated with EPC tags, but it could also drive e-commerce.

  • Aim for the Worst

    By Ari Juels

    The performance of tags—even those of the same make and model—can vary greatly. To achieve high read rates, design systems to read the weakest tags.

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