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RFID Channel Editor's Note

  • How RFID Adoption Will Accelerate

    The pace of adoption will be driven by retail and then spread to other sectors.

  • The Tortoise and the Unicorn

    Radio frequency identification technology has been slow to catch on, but it's a better investment than chasing the mythical unicorn.

  • Marketing Mistakes By RFID Vendors

    At this stage of market adoption, selling RFID is still about targeting those companies interested in investing in a relatively unproven technology.

  • Hooking Up End Users and Solution Providers

    It's driving me crazy that RFID vendors don't understand how to find companies that are looking for their products.

  • What Does a Whole RFID Product Look Like?

    It would be unobtrusive and easier to deploy, and would deliver information about the approximate locations of tagged goods.

  • Betting Your Career on RFID

    As radio frequency identification matures and gains traction, being an advocate for the technology becomes less of a gamble.

  • RFID for All

    We need simple applications that make it easier for companies to get started using radio frequency identification technology.

  • RFID Questions to Ponder

    Many people have opinions about why RFID has not taken off more quickly. If you think you know why, or if you think you know what will stimulate the market, here are some questions to consider when evaluating your theory.

  • End Users Must Balance Interests

    Companies that want the short-term benefits of using RFID before their competitors should also consider the longer-term goal of promoting adoption within their industry.

  • Balancing Your Interests

    RFID solution providers have short-term goals, but they should not be put ahead of long-term interests.

  • Products Outpace Solutions

    It's exciting to see the rapid evolution of tags and readers, but end users are looking for solutions.

  • Reflections on RFID Journal LIVE! 2015

    Based on last week's event, it is clear that the state of the RFID industry is strong and adoption continues to gain momentum.

  • The Year of the Sensor

    At RFID Journal LIVE! 2015, a variety of low-cost RFID sensors will be introduced, giving end users the opportunity to better manage their environments.

  • Microsoft Offers a Lesson for RFID Companies

    The mistakes that the software firm made in missing the boat on MP3 players, smartphones and tablets is a cautionary tale for auto-identification giants.

  • Could Your RFID Company Use $100,000 for Promotions?

    RFID Journal will give one lucky startup a huge boost with free ads and other promotions if it wins our Startup Challenge.

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