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RFID Channel Editor's Note

  • Thoughts on RFID Journal LIVE! 2019

    The conference and exhibition, which reflects the state of the RFID industry, shows that there is a lot of growth—and some challenges ahead.

  • Now I Get to Learn About RFID

    Every time I host an RFID Journal LIVE! event, I learn a few things about the technology that I didn't know.

  • Helping Solution Providers Help You

    Here are a few tips for companies attending next week's RFID Journal LIVE! event that can ensure your RFID project gets off to a good start.

  • A Tool to Match Buyers and Sellers

    RFID Journal LIVE!'s RFID Connect tool helps attendees find the exhibitors that can provide the hardware, software and services they need.

  • Think About RFID Strategically

    If you are just using radio frequency identification to track your tools or parts bins, you are missing out on a lot of value the technology can deliver.

  • Technology Serves to Improve Business

    The most successful companies, both among RFID users and technology deployers, know how to investigate and discover changes in processes.

  • The Times—and RFID—Are a Changin'

    The technology is evolving in new and innovative ways.

  • It Pays to Be Educated About RFID

    Some companies want to just deploy a radio frequency identification system without putting much thought into it, and that's a mistake.

  • Tech Companies Hate the Physical World

    Google, Apple, Microsoft and other technology giants are not getting behind RFID. Perhaps the reason is that the real world is just too messy.

  • Who's to Blame for the Relatively Slow Pace of RFID Adoption?

    Some say it is the end users who are too cautious about investing, but it may be solution providers unwilling to invest in marketing their products.

  • Where Is the RFID Ecosystem?

    Silicon Valley has been the birth place of so many high-technology startups because it has a lot of critical elements that the RFID industry simply lacks.

  • Europe Leads the Way for RFID

    European retailers, manufacturers and other companies have embraced radio frequency identification, and the vast productivity improvements that the technology brings, at a faster pace than businesses in any other region.

  • RFID Needs to Be Part of the Building

    Radio frequency identification has been advancing in leaps and bounds for the past few years, except when it comes to becoming part of a company's physical infrastructure.

  • Change Is Hard

    That's one key reason companies have not taken advantage of RFID technology to nearly the extent possible.

  • RFID Brand and Product Awareness Remains Low

    A survey of RFID Journal's readership found that Zebra Technologies, Impinj and Avery Dennison are the top three brands in the RFID industry, but awareness of what the leading companies sell remains low, particularly among end users.

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